More and more money can be saved, not to mention adding years to your AC unit, by simply changing your AC filter monthly. This will insure that your AC will perform at it's best and keep your area comfterable.

Let T. L. Ramsey remind you to change your filter monthly! Simply fill out the form below and T. L. Ramsey Heating & Air will send you a monthly reminder!
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When you leave the house for more than 4 hours, (i.e. leaving for work) turn up your AC. More and more people leave their AC units down while they are not a home. This causes your AC to work more thus making your energy bill go higher and also taking years off your AC unit.

One way to make this process easier is to invest in a digital termostat that allows you to program the temperature so you don't have to remember! Let T.L. Ramsey help you change out your old analog termostat and keep your AC running smoothly! ~ call us now!~ 210-344-4054

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More tips to come! Please check back soon!

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